NEW FOR 2021- Special Offers to support local Performing Arts organisations affected by Covid

Free coverage of 1st time commissions within 1 hours travel of Bromley (subject to availability). Discounts of up to 50% are available for other bookings

Every client’s need’s are unique, which makes it difficult to set hard and fast fees.  Paul’s only aim is to ensure you get the best photographs no matter how long you choose to have him at your event.

He offers a highly personal and flexible service and you should always discuss exactly what you want with him.

Understandably clients want to know how much it will cost? Organising an event is complex and expensive and budgets need to be balanced.

Photography often seems expensive, but people do not appreciate the unseen hours editing images afterwards. Typically for each hour spent shooting Paul will spend between 2-3 hours editing. Prices also reflect the length of the event and its location. Paul will always try to work with you to find an acceptable cost, especially of you are an amateur organisation or a small business.

Paul’s fee structure is simple. You will get a price for the event. There are no hidden costs.

What does the price include?

Paul’s attendance at your event for the time you want. Paul is not a clock watcher and will not pack up and go after ‘X’ hrs. He does not price for ‘up to X hours’ and then charge more for additional hours. He would rather get to you early and stay late to ensure he covers everything.

An on-line gallery. You will have access to an online gallery including all the selected high quality images from your event. You can share the album with whoever you want to and you call all download images to use as you wish. These images are not protectively watermarked and the gallery will be available for at least 6 months after the event.

Typical Prices

Please contact Paul to discuss your event, these are guide prices

Theatre and Musical Productions £100 – £150 to cover the full dress rehearsal or production.

Pre-Event Publicity £25 – £100 depending on location and time on site

Promotional Photography for websites, social media and advertising £25 – £100 depending on location and time on site

Schools, Academies & Youth Groups £25 – £100 depending on location and time on site