About Theatrical Photography

‘Shooting the Stars’

Theatrical Photography is based in Orpington, Kent and operated by Paul Lehane, a talented photographer with 12 years experience. Paul his happy to work anywhere in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex or London and it is not unknown for him to travel further afield.  

Paul offers a personal and competitively priced service specializing in the performing arts, including

  • Theatrical dress rehearsals
  • Music festivals
  • School productions
  • Performing Art Academies
  • Amateur Dramatic Groups
  • Dance
  • Professional Musicians

Why should you use Theatrical Photography?

Whatever the event, you want it recorded and recorded well. In years to come you will look back at the photographs and re-live the day.

Paul has a real passion for working with actors, performers and musicians and he has worked with

  • West Wickham Operatic Society
  • Bromley Players
  • Glenlyn Academy
  • AJ’s Academy of Dance & Drama
  • Lamberhurst Music Festival ( Emma Johnson, Ferio Quartet, Emma Abbate & Julian Perkins)
  • Covent Garden String Quartet

Great photographers have so much more than technical ability. Obviously you have to be able to get great results no matter how challenging the conditions, but you also have to love working with people and get along with everyone. You also have to be creative and confident. Mostly you need to be discreet. 

Please have look at my galleries and judge for yourself.  If you like my style of photography then contact me, we can speak or meet up to discuss your event.

Paul’s work has been published in Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016, 2017, 2022 and was shortlisted in 2018. He has also had several photographs accepted in international salons.

If you are interested in finding out a little more about Paul please click here

For more information or to discuss your requirements:

Telephone 07941003156

Email theatricalphotograpy@gmail.com